Frequently Asked Questions


Question: When are your Colossal Chestnuts available for u-pick?

Answer: For 2022, our chestnuts will be available for u-pick from Sep 24th until Oct 30th for U-pick 7 days a week from 9am to 5pm. The price for U-pick is $10.00 per pound. Wear sturdy closed shoes to protect your feet from the prickly chestnut burrs on the ground whilte you kick them open. If you want, you could bring a pair of leather gloves to protect your hands. Face masks are highly recommended but not mandatory.


Question: How fresh are your chestnuts?

Answer: Our Colossal Chestnuts are extremely fresh! They continually fall off the trees during the fall and once you scoop them up and take them home, you can cook them the same day.


Question: How do I store my Colossal Chestnuts?

Answer: Get a plastic storage bin with lid. Poke a few holes in the bin and lid so it is not completely sealed/airtight. Find/buy dry sand and pour into bin. Bury your chestnuts in the sand, close lid, and then store in a cool storage area. This way if you want a few chestnuts to cook, you can grab what you need but still keep some for future eating/cooking.


Question: Where can I find out more about eating Chestnuts?
Answer: WikiHow has great articles about eating chestnuts.
Click here to see their article about eating raw chestnuts.
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